After being awarded the 5000gp and received the charter to establish a new kingdom in the Stolen Lands, the party spent a couple days at Oleg’s Trading Post to plan and rest. The evening before they set off, a new visitor from Herne’s past entered the trading post.

Edris had received a vision about her old friend Anundr who was now living as Herne in the Stolen Lands. She went to Oleg’s in order to try to find him. As luck would have it, she found him at Oleg’s sitting at a table for dinner. She quickly sat down and talked to him.

Herne kept the ruse up of not knowing Edris while she grilled him with questions of why he said he wasn’t Anundr, but once they were alone together, a big hug from Herne confirmed her vision. Immediately, they spoke of their pasts and how they came to be where they are now.

Herne related to Edris the story of one of the bandit camps he stayed at. The group of bandits seemed real enough, but the man who mentored him and the men he worked with all disappeared rather suddenly leaving suspicion that perhaps they never were truly alive to begin with.

Herne invited Edris to join them in founding this new kingdom and was accepted by the rest of the party. The next day, Herne gave Celeste 200gp to journey back to Restov with the charter messenger and start her training as a priestess of Calistria. It was sad to see her go, but she would achieve her dream and come back to their kingdom when she was ready. Tella didn’t need to join them in their journey as well, as they didn’t need a guide at that point and she said she’d meet up with them when they started to build their new kingdom.

Faerie Tricksters

They struck out to the Temple of the Elk with Jhod Kavken and Lanna Urthoge to pray to Erastil and seek out the invisible pranksters who had caused the party to have some interesting experiences.

Herne and Edris both entered the forest to seek out these tricksters. Herne being the observant ranger was able to spot nests high up in the trees and tried to call out to them to bring them out with promises of fruit. All of a sudden, Edris’ backpack erupted in fireworks causing her to drop it as the pops and whistles and fire balls flew from the pack into the trees. It was quite shocking to her, though Herne saw that it was just another one of their pranks. Edris picked up the pack and found that the fireworks were just an illusion, but that discovery was just the tip of the iceberg. The ground underneath her became slick and she would have fallen if it weren’t for her quick reflexes, but once she was able to recover her self and ask what was going on, she fell asleep. It would have been a nasty spill if Herne was not there to catch her before she tumbled to the ground.

Herne woke Edris and offered these pranksters a bottle of wine, which did wonders to placate the trickster and they came out to enjoy the fruity flavored alcohol. There were two of them, a faerie dragon with butterfly wings named Pervilash and a Grig, a half cricket half woman, named Tig-Titter-Tut. They drank together, and talked about how much they disliked the “bigenses” who were mean and wanted to only hurt others. Soon, Edris and Herne said their farewells and left the fey on good terms. Of course, they did give Edris a parting gift as she struggled to pick up Kellehrny now that he was full of grease.


Chief_Sootscale_full_300.pngThey continued to the South East and entered the Sootscale silver mine and requested audience with Chief Sootscale. The party wanted to make sure that this kingdom that they would build would consider the Sootscale kobolds in their plans and perhaps become their allies in building for the future. The kobolds only wanted to live as they had with no interference. They would be fine with their non-aggression pact between them, but the party wanted something more.

An ember Sootscale kobold named Kiza stood at the side of Chief Sootscale and spoke to him in Draconic telling him that this new arrangement would favor the Sootscales. Not only could they get someone on the leadership council and protect the interests of the Sootscales on a daily basis, but would also establish an alliance between the two societies. Chief Sootscale acquiesced but was sad to see the smartest of all the Sootscales go. The next day, the party left the Sootscales and journeyed to the Stag Lord’s Fort to consecrate the land.

Founding of Stagholm

The consecration of the Stag Lord’s Fort took the all the time they had until their supplies showed up to start building their capital city. They decided to retrofit the fort into a castle as their first order of business. Most of the work was easy because the fort was ready to be upgraded. They also decided to build housing for the influx of new people that would be arriving to live in their city and kingdom.

They built their leadership, giving Rulership to Gurnison Haldane, Spymaster to Herne, Marshal to Dvalinn, Councilor to Leoamus, Magister to Edris, Grand Diplomat to Kiza, High Priest to Jhod, and Treasurer to Oleg. All the positions need not be filled at that moment, the kingdom was still small.

After a month passed and construction had completed in their new city, a visitor from Gurnison’s past came by looking for him. And old family friend named Ruki Malith wanted to join Gurnison as she had learned that he had become an adventurer and she wanted to become one too. With her hood pulled up, no one could tell that she had very large horns that dominated her visiage, nor the tail that also betrayed her heritage.

Gurnison took her around the city and spoke of their plans for building the kingdom and invited her to join them for dinner and to stay the night. At dinner, a few of the party caught a glimpse of the horns, but Gurnison felt a tingling from his ring and accessed a memory he never knew he had before. The vision started with him seeing a younger Ruki inside a cage in a bandit camp. She looked extremely frightened. One man who looked like a pirate, was yelling at the bandits and pointing at Gurnison telling them, “If you don’t get rid of him by the time I get back, I’ll do it for you.” The bandits looked very frightened of this man but looked sadly at Gurnison. The memory ended there.

Gurnison and Ruki spent the next several days in talks with him trying to make sense of the memory. It did establish that they had a deeper history together. Gurnison asked Ruki if she would become their Royal Enforcer to ensure that the Loyalty of the kingdom would be in good hands. The first thing she had to do was to reveal her true nature to the rest of the leadership, and it went over swimmingly, except for Leoamus, who is pretty much scared of anything that might eat him.



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