Logger Conflict

Rivers Run Red - Session 4

Logger Conflict

Exploring further west of Stagholm, the party came across an incident where a logger was at a standoff with a fey creature. The fey was a nixie who had charmed two of the loggers to defend her while the leader of the loggers was Corax, a man who had already felled five trees to the dismay of the nixie.

When the party came on the scene, Corax immediately intercepted them to speak, rather vulgarly, and to gain the party to his side of the argument. It seemed as though Corax had chopped down 200 year old trees in order to sell the lumber. The nixie was affronted by the prospect of those trees being chopped down around her home and wanted the trees replaced. In order to protect herself, she charmed two of the loggers which stood guard in front of her pool.

Herne was offended by the gall of the logger and intimidated him to stand down. Gurnison then questioned Corax’s motives and he found that he wasn’t a very savory sort of person who had no intention of completing the reparations the nixie demanded. Gurnison then lunged at Corax attempting to subdue him with a grapple, but Corax raised his hand axe and struck Gurnison before he could solidify the hold.

Battle broke out and the group of loggers were taken down, the majority of them killed. The nixie assisted with a magic missile spell that took down Corax, but really stayed out of the fight otherwise with her two protector loggers. After the battle, the nixie still demanded that her trees needed to be replaced and she would not release the loggers until those reparations were fulfilled. The party agreed to replace them and the nixie told them that the dryad to the west might be able to help them if they provided her a favor. The party agreed, camped, and would head out in the morning.



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