Kingmaker Book 1 - Stolen Land Recap

A recap of the adventure so far.

Given a charter to explore the Greenbelt south of Brevoy and eliminate any banditry there by Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius, the halfling alchemist Leoamus, half-elf forester Herne, dwarf druid Dvalinn, and human horselord Gurnison Haldane prepared to set off to the west out of Restov towards a lone outpost just outside of Brevoy called Oleg’s Trading Post.

Before they left, the newly formed party was approached by a half-elf in a tri-corn hat named Finnegan stating that he was a mapmaker within Restov’s surveyor and architecture department. He offered up his services as mapmaker to the party for a nominal fee. Herne instantly distrusted the man, as he didn’t believe that he would just leave his post without an ulterior motive. Finn protested and said that he wanted the posterity of mapping the Stolen Lands, but Herne would hear nothing of it and told him to stay away. The next day, the party set out.

The journey only took a few days of travel in the snow, but they all arrived safely. The party was greeted at the gates by Oleg himself followed by his wife Svetlana. Clearly Oleg believed this party to be the group of soldiers meant to help defend the outpost against the threat of bandits as there has been a great deal of trouble recently in the form of extortion from the bandits and their leader Happs Bydon. The party agreed to help protect the outpost from these bandits as it was part of their charter. The bandits were scheduled to come early in the morning to take their payment.

During the evening, the party made acquaintances with a number of people in the trading post. Svetlana cooked a fine meal for everyone and made sure people were having a good time even though the situation the next morning could result in dire consequences. A young half-elf woman named Celeste flirted with a number of the patrons and caught Herne’s eye and they both went off on their own little excursion. A middle aged human woman named Sofia had rented out a room and filled it with her books. She requested of the party to find any interesting monsters or items in the field and bring them back to her for research. A young halfling woman named Tella offered to assist the party as a guide but was turned down as the party had no qualms about going into the wilderness on their own. Finally, a dwarf porter named Garen was looking for work to help in any sort of way. He was turned down as well.

Happs_Bydon_300.pngThe next morning came around, and the party set a trap for the bandits. The party killed 3 of the bandits and were able to capture the leader Happs Bydon. During their interrogation, they found that he was not the leader, just a bandit sent out by Kressel to extort Oleg. He was quite cocky believing that Kessel would not allow Oleg’s to ramain standing.

The party decided to allow Happs Bydon to escape and then follow his trail back to the bandit camp. They left at midday, tracking the man as they went, and bringing along Celeste, as Herne fancied her.

Back in Restov, it was discovered by the real Gurnison Haldane that a man had intercepted the charter that was supposed to have been given him. The mayor of Restov tasked Gurnison to take care of this man quietly as it was an embarrassment to Restov. The mayor gave Gurnison a new charter and a sealed affidavit testifying to the validity of this Gurnison Haldane.

Gurnison was approached by Finnegan as well and offered his assistance to map the region. Gurnison knew this was an aspect of the charter and agreed to let him come with. In addition, Gurnison hired on a young woman to operate as his cook. Lanna Urthoge’s father was given money to help assay his fears about losing a productive person in his house. Lanna was eager to accompany Gurnison.

On their way out of Restov, they hooked up with a group of people: Kesten Garess was the leader of a group of mercenaries hired by Restov to help Oleg’s Trading Post defense against bandits, and Dabul, a half-orc mercenary and former member of the Green Dragons militia in Restov looking to be hired on by a party as a man at arms. They arrived at Oleg’s in the evening the same day the party left to track the Happs Bydon.

Finding Tella, Gurnison hired her to help track the party in order to catch up with them the next day. It took a day to track the party and when they caught up to them, the Gurnison impostor galloped off after seeing the real Gurnison ride up. Confused at the reaction, the party identified that the person coming up to them and presenting his papers, he was the real Gurnison Haldane. Herne, upon seeing Finnegan come up with Gurnison and believing him to be a spy, immediately let loose a blunt arrow hitting him directly in the forehead, with Finnegan falling off of his horse unconscious.










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