Edris Felicity Earric

One creepy witch and her fox familiar chase destiny and the means to fulfill her visions


Once the daughter of prosperous merchants from New Stetven, Edris wandered into the First World and emerged a witch with a destiny. Now she chases that destiny as it manifests in the visions and portents that are her gift from her Patron. She and her familiar, the fox Kellehrny, pursue arcane magic and the interests of their Patron. She looks like Belatrix LeStrange but acts more like Luna Lovegood, vague, dreamy, and trusting…until it is time for battle. Then she embraces her inner witch in all its creepy glory, delighting in the chance to use her magic. She believe her magic brings her closer to her destiny and her patron and would happily burn each spell in her inventory every day if given the opportunity. Only when she is casting or hexing does she seem truly connected to to the moment.


Edris Felicity Earric was born in New Stetven, on Lake Reykal near the Sellen River, to successful merchants. Her father, a very busy and frequently absent man, owned a fleet of river boats that traded up and down the waterways off the lake by that city. He also owned a small ship repair business. When the weather was nice and a trip especially long, he occasionally took the family on trading trips, and Edris did a good amount of travelling in this way. She had three older brothers who all went into trade like father and weren’t around much when she was growing up. Mother had hopes of marrying her off to a, um, financially challenged noble who would welcome a hefty dowry as recompense for a lack of noble blood. All very pedestrian, with very little in the way of magic or adventure. Her family worshipped Abadar, Deity of cities, wealth, merchants, and law, who has a center of worship in Brevoy, and she received a religious education as a child.
When Edris was 10 years old, she accidentally wandered into the First World through an invisible portal. Her family was on a trading trip down the Sellen River and had stopped for the night. Edris wandered away and disappeared. One minute she was in the forest near the camp and the next she found that she was transported to what she could only consider as a market place in a foggy forest clearing. Wagons and caravans stood upon the grass each lit with a lantern shining through the fog while merchants would hock their wares. Her curiosity got the best of her initial fear, and she wandered by each merchant wagon.

In one of the wagons, she found sweets that were sold by an overweight merchant who promised to give her a sweet bun for the shiniest copper piece you has. In another, a busty woman had every toy she had ever wanted in her life; each available for a lock of her hair. She stopped at each of them and provided them with the payment they asked for.

Edris kept moving further and further into the fog until she found the largest caravan of them all. As Edris approached the wagon, a gnarled and ancient hand drew back the curtain to reveal an impossibly old woman looking down over her very long nose. “Who comes to visit Aggys? But it is a little girl. You must be here for something…. something important yes? You must find the destiny which calls to you. Yes…. You must find your destiny.”

Her words seemed to entrance Edris. Not sure if she should run or stay, she stood there not moving. At last, remembering something her mother told her and only now realizing that it may be too late, she raised her little voice and politely said, “I’m not to talk to strangers.” But even as she said those words, she felt that this was where she needed to be.

“Not to talk to strangers, she says…. Perhaps those who are familiar are the ones who are truly strange.” Winking, she beckoned Edris with her bony fingers to join her in her wagon. Her curiosity compelled her to enter her wagon even though her words confused her. “Stranger in a strange land I’d say,” she said as she moved some boxes and crates around revealing a small stool for Edris to sit on. “Now, if I never talked to strangers, then you wouldn’t be here. None of this would be here.”
Staying quiet, Edris sat down on the stool bravely looking the old crone in her eyes. “Ah, she has a power in her. A power I have not seen in a human in many years. She does not fear what this strange land has shown her. She does not fear my gaze. She is not ready though… Not ready yet. Old Magdh has brought you here, you understand. She knows that you are the One to bring resolution.” She looked intently at Edris’s face, grasping her chin with her surprisingly strong hand. Feeling no fear, Edris allowed Aggys to inspect her. “Hmmm…. what say you little girl… do you seek the power that Magdh can provide? The power to achieve everything you desire? The power to see the future?”

This puzzled Edris. “No one can see the future. The future has not happened yet. Even the gods do not know.” Her religious schooling had taught her these things. “I do not seek any power. I just found myself here.”

Though through objection, Aggys could see deep into Edris’s soul. Aggys cackled in a way that made Edris start to laugh. “Oh child… knowledge is gained through experience and observation, not from an old balding man with an agenda. No. You will gain this power through Magdh. Magdh will speak to you, will tell you of the future. Magdh will bless you. But Aggys will not send you alone. Aggys has a sale for you.”

Aggys opened a cupboard, and Edris heard a tiny bark. In her hands Aggys had an orange and white bundle of fur. She caressed the bundle, “Ah, yes. This is Kellehrny, a noble and loyal friend of mine.” The eyes of a baby fox tiredly blinked and yawned. “Here, take him. He is now a friend of yours.” Aggys handed Kellehrny to Edris, and he nuzzled into her lap. “Yes, see? He already knows of your power. He knows you are special.”

Kellehrny soon fell asleep with a paw on her knee. Edris had never seen a baby fox before, but it was possibly the cutest thing that she’d ever seen. Absently, she stroked the fox. “Ah, but I said this was a sale,” Aggys looks deeply into Edris’s eyes. “You may take Kellehrny with you, as he is no longer a stranger to you. But you must do something for me. Once you are complete with the task Magdh wishes, you must come work for me. I will have a need for your powers. Do you agree?”

Not entirely knowing what Aggys meant, Edris did know it meant that she got to keep a very cute fox. Looking back at Aggys, Edris said, “All right, but I’m too young to work. Mother says that I have lots of growing up to do before I get married.”

Aggys threw back her head and cackled, “Oh child… you are an innocent. That will change though, and you will be wise. Yes, a wise woman you will be. I won’t come asking until you are well grown. Follow Magdh first, become a woman second, and lastly, come to me. Now go. You are ready to begin your journey.” With that she opened the curtain showing where Edris came from before she entered the forest clearing. Edris hesitated to leave and turned around to look at Aggys. Before Edris could say anything, Aggys’s bony hand shoved her in the chest and sent her through the portal with no evidence of it ever having been there to start with.
Kellerhny’s barks alerted Edris, who realized that he was older and no longer tiny. She then realized that she was older too. How long were she actually in there?
When Edris returned from her trip to the First World, she and Kellerhny (kell-AIR-knee), made their way back to the city and shocked the crap out of her family like Alice returning from Wonderland with tales of the white rabbit. Edris learned she had been missing for two years, is now 12 years old, and had no good explanation for the missing years.
[Possibly include some explanation for the missing time which Edris is unaware of]

In Edris’s absence, her mother had assumed she had been killed. She developed a loathing for the wilderness and became more involved with the efforts of the clerics to tame it. Edris herself lost most of her interest in the religion of her childhood, and this became a source of conflict between her and her mother.

For another two years Edris made her family pretty miserable, refusing to be separated from her fox for any length of time, insisting that she had a great destiny, and telling her mother to cancel/postpone marriage plans since she had sold her future for the promise of great power, a destiny, and a favor she has to repay. Edris alienated any friends her age since she had little interests in common with them now and was out of step with her old world in general.

For Edris, the experience in the first world was a wondrous thing that took her from a boring, unimaginative life to a life of adventure and destiny…which didn’t seem to be manifesting any time soon. Edris longed for more magic, more adventure, and to make a start on her great destiny, but for two years not much happened besides frustration, alienation…and the occasional vision. Magdh had granted Edris the gift of true visions and the power to recognize portents, which she is always accurate about. Edris welcomed the visions as possible signs of her powers emerging. However, her family was less impressed. They began to wonder if she might be a changeling, or even possessed.

Edris believed Aggys’s talk about her being special/powerful/wise because she wanted to believe it and, in the way of a child, assumed that a great destiny comes with good luck to achieve it. As a result, Edris comes to believe she is lucky and has the ability to impart luck (good or ill) to others. She becomes obsessed with luck, fate, destiny, prophecy, and portents, and becomes vague and disconnected from the world around her as she focuses on the future, communing with Kellehrny, and dreaming of the magical realm of the First World she had left behind. People describe her as having “over the rainbow” eyes.

Having met Kellehrny in the First World, she expected him to be more than just a fox, and she was delighted (as she always was) in any magic or sign of the first world in him. She made her “deal” with Aggys in part based on the promise of power, and she was fascinated by and longed for the development of that power.

Shortly after Edris turned fourteen, Kellerhny taught her the first Witch spells through mimicry. He shows her the gestures and she instinctively knows the words. He is her guide, but also her companion. He wants her to succeed as much as she does, and their empathic link definitely identifies his love for Edris.
One of her first spells was Charm Person. She began using that spell frequently to enable her to follow Magdh and find her destiny as the “one to bring resolution.” She found clever ways to charm money out of her family to get spell components, charm whoever was pestering her to leave her alone so she could commune with Kellerhny, and charm people into ignoring her oddities. None of this was done through malice but rather because she would rather live in her dream world of destinies and communing with her fox than deal with the real world, which seems less real than the First World to her.

As she grows into her witch powers, she became increasingly odd and seemed perpetually young for her age (due to missing years). She only made a partial effort to cover it up, thinking that most of this was just a prelude to the destiny/magic stuff anyway. The pedestrian lives of her merchant family no longer captured her imagination or were part of her dreams for her future. The magic of those moments/years in the first world have beguiled Edris, and a normal life no longer holds her attention. Eventually she learned the name of what she is – witch – and decided to seek additional training away from her family.

At first, Edris had the faith of a child in her patron, Magdh, due to her gentle upbringing, comfortable life, and her beguiling experience in the first world. Later she became more conflicted. She loves the world of magic and has no desire to return to her old life, but she begins to wonder she signed up for. A good destiny? A tragic one? What exactly will Magdh and Aggy want of her in exchange for all this power? She doesn’t know who Magdh really is. Destiny is an out-of-your-control kind of thing, so her interest in luck intensifies. It is important to her to believe she has a lucky destiny, and she is obsessed by the forces of fate that led to her stumbling into the first world and will shape what comes of it.

The vagueness of her visions is frustrating as she wonders (and tries not to wonder) about Maghd’s task or her destiny. She scrutinizes each vision for hints just like she looks for portents in the world around her. The bravery that Aggys had recognized in Edris was mainly the product of not having been exposed to enough awfulness in the world to really fear it, but having been described as “brave”, Edris continues to believe herself to be so. Nevertheless there is an unacknowledged anxiety in her that she represses fiercely.

When she is 16, she convinced her parents to send her to “finishing school,” but she actually left to train with a coven. There she became even more enthralled with the world of witchery. She no longer felt like she belonged in the world her family inhabited, and they felt like she never really returned. When she stopped returning home for “school holidays,” (awkward days of pink satin and dreamy smiles), they were almost relieved.

Edris continues to worry/wonder about her destiny…and unconsciously seeks ways to improve her luck or signs that her destiny is as fantastic as she had believed it as a child. But she loves witchery and doesn’t want to question deeply the forces that gave it to her. She couldn’t stand going back to what she was before the First World, or parting from Kellehrny, and she is not willing to delve too deeply into questions or doubts. She refuses to seriously consider the questions/doubts of others and is committed to the “task” Magdh told Aggys she has for her and to her magic. She has little interest in or knowledge of politics, no interest in accumulating wealth, and spends no energy on developing goals for herself. She believes her destiny is already chosen, and she will be given what she needs to achieve it.

For what it’s worth, her name is Edris (prophet) Felicity (lucky) Earric (powerful).Edris_300.png
About Edris’s relationship with Herne:
I grew up New Stetven, a large city somewhat near the cottage where Anundr lived. When Anundr traveled with his mother, they would frequently perform in New Stetven, which is how I encountered them. As a child I was intrigued by Anundr and his mother for their free lifestyle, which was so very different from my sheltered one. Disappointingly, Anundr had little interest in me, the pampered daughter of a rich merchant committed to a lawful god. However, after my encounter in the First World (age 12), I came back a very different girl, strange and erratic and not at all the proper little thing of my childhood. Although this lost me most of my childhood friends, it actually interested Anundr, and we became friends and spent time together whenever his travels took him to New Stetven.

Anundr was the only true human friend I had during those years, and was very dear to me, even though I was so frequently caught up in my fog of prophecies and portents. When I knew I was going to leave home to train with a coven (and tell my parents I was at finishing school), Anundr was the only one I confessed my true plan to. Anundr told me his mother’s cottage was located in a small village that was the closest settlement to the Coven of the Hedge and Stream, just within the boughs of the Gronzi forest. The villagers seem to be worshippers of the “old ways” (Old Deadeye in particular) and friendly to the coven. I decided this was where I would go to apprentice as a witch. I promised to visit when I could during my training.

My training with the Coven (age 16-18) was demanding and more stressful than I had hoped. Although I was finally in the company of other witches and free to practice my magic without dissembling or hiding, my magic was very different than theirs. None of them had ever even heard of a destiny patron, and no one claimed Magdh by name. Most of them practiced magic of the healing variety or crafted magical items for sale. They could help me be a better witch and learn a witch’s hexes, but could not help me learn more about that which concerned me most: my destiny, my visions, and portents.

The thorn in my side at the Coven was Midrith Backkin, a fellow apprentice witch. She was a healing witch who dealt in wands and scrolls and disdained my “unpractical” magic and strange ways…and the attention it got me. She became a bit of a bully toward me. However, I am a hard person to bully. I just don’t pay much attention to people, and insults tend to slide off my back. On the other side was the senior hag, Morianna Morgan. Morianna appeared to be older than dirt, but had a young, mischievous spirit to balance her demanding teaching style. Although we weren’t friends (the relationship was that of student and teacher), Morianna was my most valued teacher, and I admired the power she rarely used but clearly had.

I managed a couple of visits to Anundr’s cottage during the first year, but the third time I came, no one was there. I returned twice more, but the cottage appeared abandoned. Anundr’s apparent disappearance deeply disturbed me. I had begun to have flashes of his face in my visions, and it appeared that he was somehow connected with the grand destiny I was pursuing. The visions I had of Anundr’s face were barely recognizable, though I knew in my heart it was him. He seemed both sad and hardened in my visions, as if some great grim destiny grips at claws at his soul.

I determined it was time to leave the Coven and seek my destiny and Anundr. I returned briefly to the Coven to say my goodbyes and gather my gear. To my surprise, Morianna appeared to know that I was going and had prepared a parting gift to help me on my adventures. A couple of potions, and a wand of cure light wounds…that looked suspisciously like the wands Midrith crafted. Seeing the bitter look on Midrith’s face, I assumed she hadn’t donated the wand willingly. This favoritism from Morianna likely did not endear me to my rival on parting, but then it didn’t seem likely that anything would ever endear me to Midrith.

As soon as I headed down the path away from the coven, unsure even of which way to head at the next crossroads, a raven landed on a rock near me as I approached. He seemed to regard me with even more intelligence than was common for his kind and he spoke to me, as the old ones said the ravens of old sometimes do. “Little one, you have wandered onto a crossroads of the threads the norns weave as they lay out the destiny of man and beast. Take care you do not lose your way amidst the tangle. To find the one you search for, look not for the son of the storm, but instead for Herne, the hunter, for that is the path he now walks upon and the guise he wears. Do not judge him too unkindly when you meet again, for though he has fallen into a crucible and been tempered, by the time you find him he may already need to be forged anew. Fare thee well melrakki.”

With that the raven flew off towards the south.

For some time my familiar and I wandered alone, seeking word of “Herne,” following portents when they appeared, and taking whatever work a witch could find. I gained much experience but little in the way of leads.

Stopping in Restov to deliver a lost locket to its surprised owner, I found word that Herne and his mother had been seen in Restov after Herne’s last known appearance at his cottage. I learned that about a week after they reached Restov, his mother was killed in what seemed like a meaningless murder. The innkeeper of the inn where the murder occurred told me that Herne stayed only for a few short days but then disappeared from Restov when the investigation of her murder stalled. No one had seen him in Restov since. The innkeeper thought that now no longer having a parent to guide him, that Herne must have run off in fear of reality and probably got attacked by some hungry animal in the wilderness.

I knew my time of wandering was nearing its end. Standing in the street after questioning innkeeper, I saw a raven’s feather on the back of a cart and knew it for a portent. I followed the cart from Restov until the feather fluttered from the cart. Scanning my surroundings, I saw a footpath near where the feather had fallen. The path led to the home of an old waterman. He said that the man he knew as Herne was oft found in the company of hard men, and none that looked too trustworthy “if you know what I mean.” He tried to discourage me from following after such as Herne, “for young girls who wandered off with thoughts of men like that in their hearts often found themselves regretting their foolishness…if they were ever found at all. If you must go, look to the Stolen Lands, or elsewhere in the River Kingdoms among the ne’er do wells, the brigands, and worse.”

Despite the grim clues I had found and warnings of danger, I am not discouraged. Herne is my friend, we have a destiny in common, and brigands and murderers will not stand in the way of fate. I returned to Restov briefly to purchase some scrolls and the horse (Lucky) I would need on this longer journey. I then turned toward the Stolen Lands, determined that with the help of my Patron, my magic, and completely wanton use of Charm Person (a bad habit Edris hasn’t shaken), I would track Herne down and find my destiny.

Edris Felicity Earric

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