Loot List

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Topaz (500gp)
Polished Azurite Crystal (9gp)
Carneliian (80gp)
Menatite (13gp)
Shard of Obsidian (14gp)
Red Garnet (100gp)
Pair of Turquoise Earings (130gp)
Silver Charm Bracelet (60gp)

Art Pieces
Jade carving of a nude elven female monk (finally detailed)
Knight & dragon toys (45gp)
Silver stag lord amulet (20gp) (x3)
Pewter Belt Buckle – Two entwined succubi (30gp)

+1 Ranseur
+1 Rapier
MW Cold Iron Longsword
MW Cold Iron Sickle
Magic Composite Longbow (+2 Str)
+1 crossbow bolts (x7)
+1 flaming crossbow bolt
Magic Longsword (unidentified Akiros)

+1 Scalemail
+1 Leather (Hvy gloves, kilt, boots & cloak)
MW Studded Leather
MW Chainmail
Stag’s Helm; (+2 perception checks, enhance 1/day, next range attack flat footed, erastl 3/day)

Barbarian Ring of Swimming – entwined eel & frog (+5 swim checks)

Wondrous Items
Amulet of natural armor +1
Boots of Elvenkind (+5 Acrobatic check)

Bokken Potions (CL4)
* 1 Bear Endurance
* 1 Bull Strength
* 1 Cat’s Grace
Lesser Restoration

Last disbursement of coin
5pp, 1327gp, 645sp, 1904cp

Loot List

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