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Restov is one of the two largest cities in the fertile region of Rostland in southern Brevoy. It is known as the Free City of Restov, but it is allied with Brevoy.

Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius leads the city, which is a trade and cultural center that borders the River Kingdoms, the Shrike River, and the Stolen Lands. Sellemius is not from any of the noble families, which allows the inhabitants to keep the memories of the Aldori Swordlords and times before Choral the Conqueror alive.

As the birthplace of the Aldori dueling style, the city boasts several Aldori and Taldan dueling schools, which has led to the city being a favored place for young nobles to practice dueling championships. A large amount of Aldori duelists came to the city from Rostland after Choral the Conqueror united Brevoy.


Restov is filled with people who are often refined, including a gentry that believes they are quite sophisticated, or rough around the edges. Taldans smile at those that believe themselves cultured, as they see the natives as being quaint barbarians. As Restov is relatively wealthy, there are many lords and merchants whose sons take up dueling. Fights are common; rhetoric of rebellion against the king can be heard throughout the city.

The main church in the city is dedicated to Erastil watched over by High Priest Ezvanki Keegh.

The city is home to an Aldori swordlord called Jamandi Aldori.

Many firebrands who oppose King Noleski Surtova also hide amongst the taphouses of Restov, raising dissent. More recently, the citizens of Restov have become troubled about the politics and tensions between Rostland and Issia to the north.


Titles Free City of Restov
Nation Brevoy
Region Rostland
Population 18,670
Government Autocracy
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius


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