Wandering druid who has made a name for himself as a prospector.


The dwarf holds are always in search of new deposits of ores and minerals. They need a constant influx of material to keep the forges burning and the supply of weapons and crafts flowing to the world. To find these natural resources some dwarves must go into the world searching and prospecting for the needs of the hold. Although few in number those brave souls that go into the world are the few rangers and druids that emerge from amidst those that prefer the forge and the hammer.

Rumors that Rostland was making offers to those that would tame the Stolen Lands spread quickly through the dwarven holds. It seemed an opportunity was at hand. Sending some members to Rostland and gaining a position within one, or more, of the groups of adventurers being sent into the Stolen Lands could provide a new source of ores and materials needed by the holds. It was a long term plans but dwarves always look to the future.

There would be many fighters and rangers heading to Rostland it seemed prudent to send someone of a different nature, some young but growing in skills rare to most dwarves. The hold turned to a young dwarf, Dvalinn, to send to northeast to Rostland.

Dvalinn had only recently begun to explore his abilities. As a younger dwarf he was always drawn more to the mineral deposits and the plants that were harvested there than any interest in the shaping of metal into arms, armor or the intricate creations of the jewelers and gem cutters. He showed a surprising ability to work with others and gain the trust of those non-dwarves that visited the hold to barter and buy for the products produced there. He also seemed to have a natural knack for finding new ore and mineral deposits and was training to become a prospector when the rumors from Rostland came to the hold.

With amazing speed the King named him their representative to the rulers of Rostland pledged to establish a colony in the Stolen Lands and tame the wilderness. With the loving gruffiness only a dwarf understands he said goodbye to his parents and sisters (4 of them, it would be a relief to be away) and set out to Rostland.


Kingmaker Heisler